Memoirs of a Mermaid Book

Available April 29 2019
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Out of the deep dark waters of the bayou emerges the life and legacy of Amiyah Scott. Predestined to carry out the plans and purposes of her parents, Amiyah had a different vision and version of herself she wanted to create and present to the world in her full truth. With transparent honesty and lively wit, Amiyah carefully chronicles the tests, trials, triumphs and transition that ultimately transformed her from a confused boy into the woman she is today.

In this moving collection of memoirs, Amiyah bares all, and tells all the “TEA” associated with her quest for love, success, acceptance, equality and womanhood in a way that only she could tell it. Sex, drugs, domestic violence, family feuds, financial struggles and failed relationships are all testaments of Amiyah’s shameless, fearless courage to live life outside of the box. In sharing her deeply personal and emotional story, Amiyah endeavors to inspire others to discover their own truth and pursue it with all their might!

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